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Stone Ridge Residence

A Stone Ridge residence, nestled in the Foot Hills of the Catskill Mountains needed a change recently when the family size changed.  It was my pleasure to redesign the rooms to reflect their new & evolving style. After floorplans were drawn the first selection was the uniquely colored Arts & Crafts area rug for the Living Room. The rug inspired all, the three color blocked linen drapery with the strong wall color as the background and the pair of floating, new off-white sofa's, laquered tables and lighting. With open entrys from the center hallway, the opposite dining room then became a mirror image with three color blocked wool drapery matching the area rug and the new textured grass-cloth wallcovering.  A laquered bar added elegance and another reason to use the dining room.  Beautiful hand made ceramics, a custom iron & concrete table and custom pillows were all sourced locally.  In other rooms, painting, re-arranging existing art work & furniture, installing panelled walls, new lighting & accesories created new spaces out of the old and created a new home for their new life.

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