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Sharon, CT. Residence

This Sharon Ct. residence was designed for formal entertaining, for both parties and weekend guests.  When I met my client and his new home, he had arrived from his previous weekend home with all his furnishings with him or in storage.  While rennovations were ongoing, one big challenge was editing the furnishings, saving  pieces by re-upholstery, slip covering or re-finishing and determining what would stay and what would go and where each piece would reside.  At that point we were able to determine and select the numerous new pieces needed to complete the more than 4,000 sq. ft. space.  My clients love of luxury, unique individual pieces and formal architectural influneces  allowed for a very intriguing public and personal space.  In the downstairs entertainment room doors from the Chrysler building were installed creating a magnificent bar area.  Pieces like that resided throughout the house but at the clients request are not shown.  This is a sampling of a few of the public rooms in the main and quest house.


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