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Japanese Bath and Tea Room

In this residence overlooking the Majestic Hudson River and nestled into the cliffs,  my clients find  harmony and relaxation within this be-spoke spa environment.  With all natural materials; limestone tiles, concrete tub & bench, cherry wood trim & cabinetry, merino plaster walls, tatami mats, shoji sreens and grass window shades, one can see and feel the organic textures throughout. The six foot square custom designed and hand made tub and twelve foot bench took months to create and required a crane to install. Two six foot drains were required with laser etched limestone overflows.  From cherry cabinetry with sliding doors and specific interiors to shoji encased rice paper screens and tatami rush mats, everything was custom designed and sized. The project was filled with numerous challenges, but allowed for so much inspiration & creativity  that the final rewards have been many.


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